The University of Arizona Genetics Core offers access to state-of-the-art resources and services to help investigators, educators, students and the biotech community conduct and promote research in the field of genomics. UAGC provides a wide range of molecular biology services and support ranging from Complete Solutions to fee-per-use services.


Services are available during regular business days, excluding University holidays. Service capabilites are as follows:

  • High Throughput DNA Extraction: 800 samples per 8 hour day
  • Individual Sample Sequencing: 285 samples per 24 hour day
  • High Volume Sequencing: 12 plates per 24 hour day (1152 samples)
  • Fragment Analysis: 20 plates per 24 hour day (1920 samples)
  • Agena Biosciences MassArray Platform: 2 384-sample chips per 24 hour day (768 samples)
  • TaqMan Genotyping: 3 384-well plates or 8 96-well plates per 24 hour day (1152/768 samples).


The University of Arizona Genetics Core and the Biotechnology Computing Facility have been certified as Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) compliant by the Office For the Responsible Conduct of Research at the University of Arizona. We have the highest standards of sample quality control, data management, protocol maintenance, and reagent tracking.

UAGC Clinical Services is a CAP/CLIA certificed laboratory that offers Clinical Diagnositc Assays and support for clincal trials.