Quick and Easy DNA Extraction

UAGC offers a 'Quick and Easy' DNA extraction as a low-cost option for certain sample types.

General Information

Sample Input

We provide you bar-coded tubes with buffer, add your sample and return to UAGC

Expected Results

Genomic DNA suitable for downstream testing in transgenic mouse assays or other robust screening assays.


Sample Preparation Details

For mouse genotyping add 2-4mm of tail tip tissue directly to the buffer in the provided tubes. Seal tightly and return to UAGC.


How to get started with your sample submission:

Log into iLab Operations Software and from UAGC's core page click Request Services

Video tutorial for iLab submission

*We will review your project request and select an extraction method prior to sample processing

Samples are taken directly from cell lysis to PCR saving time and resources.


Academic (UA) $2.00 | Academic (non-UA): $2.40 | Industry: $3.00 | Unit: Sample

Turnaround Time

2 business days- does not include downstream genotyping

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Additional Information

This method forgoes certain quantification and purification steps when unnecessary for downstream processing.